iPhone Mini Projector dock – Project video content from iPhone or iPad onto walls

Watching all the multimedia HD content on you iPhone 5 or iPad is an experience unmatched but how about experiencing it all via a projector? Yes, palm-sized mini projector dock for your iPhone 5, iPod touch or iPad that can provide you with an amazing 22 inches (approximately) of output without any distortion of the video feed!

iPhone Mini Projector IPMIPR01 is this amazing mini projector which attaches to your iOS device and then lets you project the video on any smooth surface to enjoy music videos, movies, photos, Youtube content, games and much more in a larger format. Not only the projector, you’ll also get a mini tripod which can be attached easily with the mini projector and iPhone/iPad/iPod touch to project content with a resolution of up to 320×240 pixels (aspect ratio 4:3).

Weighing just 32 grams and measuring 16x48x58 mm, this projector can be carried around easily with you at all times. According to the maker it can be used for more than 50,000 hours as the life of LED white lamp will not be certain after that period, but still it is a hell lot of watchable hours. iPhone Mini Projector can be yours for just 5980 Yen ($72), so click here to buy it now.



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