World’s first liquid cooled powerful gaming home theater PC is here

World’s first liquid cooled and most powerful gaming home theater PC which brings high-end gaming to the comfort of your living room is here courtesy Steiger Dynamics. Called as The LEET, this custom-build PC has a very unique distinct design and perfect for any living room. Starting a new race of home computers and gaming PC’s this one blurs the lines between a desktop PC, gaming console and home entertainment system. When you connect the LEET to a full HD (3D) TV then it turns into anything you want right from a high-end gaming console to a home entertainment system.

According to Martin Hehensteiger (Co-Founder & CEO, STEIGER DYNAMICS) :

The living room will play an increasing role in PC gaming. Enthusiasts are looking for the maximum graphics and entertainment experience. Needless to say, their modern living room is more suitable for this than their office. With the LEET we created a product that will get PC gamers out from behind their desks. We achieved our goal of creating the ultimate no-compromise living room computer with all the performance and functionality one could possibly imagine. Simply put, the LEET is the very best HTPC ever built.

According to Gabe Rouchon (CEO, Swiftech) :

The LEET™ creates a user experience that has simply not been offered before. A Home Theater PC with endless functionality and uber performance – that’s really impressive. And thanks to the mutually developed custom liquid cooling solution, it is dead silent.

Press Release :

Brute Performance

Based on ASUS’ top-of-the-line Z77 and X79 motherboards, the LEET™ supports latest generation Intel Core-i7 four- and six-core processors. State-of-the-art liquid cooling solutions allow overclocking to over 5 GHz while keeping the system extremely silent.

“The LEET™ lives up to its name – it is truly elite,” says Thi La (Senior VP & GM of Memory and Enthusiast Component Products, Corsair). “Our Neutron GTX SSDs in RAID 0 mode deliver read speeds beyond 1,100 MB/s. And – when it comes to pure system performance and snappiness – the combination with up to 64 GB Dominator Platinum RAM elevates this Home Theater PC into a league of its own.”

Mind-blowing Graphics

The LEET™ features up to a 4K-ready Quad-SLI NVIDIA GeForce GTX 690 configuration. Connected to a large screen TV or projector, the LEET™ lets you play latest PC games with astonishing Full HD graphics, all while sitting in the comfort of your couch.

“The LEET™ utilizes the full potential of EVGA NVIDIA based GeForce graphics cards,” says Bob Klase (VP of Sales, EVGA). “It handles with ease the most graphics-intensive current and future games in high-definition and stereoscopic 3D. All while using the highest possible graphics settings. On a large TV, this experience is entrancing and immersive.”
All-in-one Functionality

In addition to high-end gaming, the LEET™ delivers a full-fledged Microsoft® Windows® 8 experience, Blu-rayTM playback in Dolby® TrueHD™, lossless HD Audio®, HD cable TV, and online streaming services like Netflix and Spotify®. The system stores up to 1,000 Blu-rayTM movies or 3 million MP3s, and its home server functionality allows immediate media streaming to any mobile device.

Freedom of Control

Users have the freedom of choice when it comes to wireless control. Whether they prefer any kind of smartphone or tablet, remote control, touchpad, or mouse and keyboard, the LEET™ offers all these options and more. In addition, users will be able to play games with Xbox 360® controllers or their favorite race and flight simulation gear.

Cameron Helm, a LEET™ trial customer remarked, “playing Battlefield 3 with a wireless mouse and keyboard from my couch worked perfectly. I am very sensitive to input lags and ergonomics, and I felt no difference to my wired desktop setup.”

Engineering Excellence

Pursuing STEIGER DYNAMICS’ no-compromise approach, every system is handcrafted with ingenious passion, uncompromising quality, and unparalleled attention to detail. The exclusively designed hand-brushed aluminum chassis has an unmatched wall-thickness of 0.2” (5mm). The system’s integrated 7” front screen features the exclusive LEET™ Monitor App, designed to be easily readable from the sofa. This tool constantly monitors and displays system parameters like available drive space, CPU/GPU clocks and load levels as well as respective temperatures.

All system cables are single sleeved and custom-tailored to the chassis, accounting for an extremely clean interior and optimized airflow. The LEET™ is built-to-order and incorporates only the highest-quality components from carefully selected, best-in-category partners. Prior to shipping, every single system is thoroughly stress-tested and benchmarked for 72 hours.

Customers First

The LEET™ comes with a 30 day money-back guarantee, 3 years limited warranty, and lifetime customer care.

“A no-compromise product like the LEET™ deserves only the very best product support. Therefore, we made ‘Customer Care’ a core value of our company.” Martin & Martin (Founders of STEIGER DYNAMICS)

Line-up and Pricing

The LEET™ is available in three different lines – Pure, Core, and Reference. The Pure line starts at $1,998 and caters to Media Center, Audio and Video Enthusiast. The Core line is available from $2,698 and is tailored to the hardcore overclocker and gamer. The 6-core CPU based Reference line starts at $3,398 and features only top-of-the-line components, delivering the highest processing and graphics power available today.

Additional Product Specifications

• “Wife-approved” black or silver hand-brushed full aluminum LEET™ chassis with an unmatched wall thickness of 0.2” (5mm), perfectly blending into any existing TV and Audio setup
• Integrated 7” Samsung front screen showing the exclusive LEET™ Monitor app
• Front panel with SD/Memory Card reader, USB 3.0 and front HD-Audio connectors
• Liquid cooling solutions for extremely silent 24/7 operation
• Single sleeved cables and cable management for an air-flow optimized, clean interior
• Optional acrylic glass lid and LED lighting
• Up to 5 GHz overclocked Intel Core-i7 Hexa-Core CPU
• Up to 64 GB 2133 MHz DDR3 Memory
• Up to NVIDIA GTX 690 Quad-SLI graphic cards
• Up to 1 TB SSD system drives in RAID 0 mode
• Up to 12 TB storage space for up to 1,000 Blu-ray™ movies or 3 million MP3s
• Optional Full-HD Quad Cable-TV tuner
• Blu-ray/DVD/CD drive/writer
• User-preferred wireless control
• Microsoft ® Windows® 8
• Dimensions (HxWxD): 8.7 x 17.1 x 15.4 inches (22.0 x 43.5 x 39.0 cm)



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