World’s smallest RC helicopter controlled with your iPhone 5 and iPad

This is Nishiki Heriraji, the world’s smallest RC helicopter having thickness 3.2mm, length 9.5mm and 1.5mm horizontal length; that can be controlled with your iPhone and iPad (version 3.0 or higher); of-course with the compatible app for the same. Small enough to fit in the palm of your hand and weighing not more than 12 grams, this remote controlled toy helicopter has a gyro sensor to actuate the movement easily with your wonder gadget. It can be recharged up with USB terminal from your PC and a glowing red light indicates the amount of charge. The miniature RC helicopter comes in two color options, white (model No: HELIRC2IPWH) and silver (Model No: HELIRC2IPSL) which makes for a perfect gift to your kids this holiday season.

One can control the movement of the RC helicopter just with single touch of the finger on iPhone/iPad’s screen and it has a continuous flight time of three minutes. To charge the wireless radio control of helicopter all you have to do is attach it to the USB port of the computer and that’s it. Nishiki Heriraji RC Helicopter is a product of Japan Trust Technolgy (JTT) and you can buy this miniature RC helicopter controlled with iPad or iPhone from their online shop for 2980 Yen ($36).



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