Video message greeting card to send video letter to your loved ones

Remember the times when on any special occasion like birthdays or Valentine’s Day we used to present our gifts with fancy greeting cards to show the love inside. Well, now in this digital age the greeting cards also got a bit tech savvy with the introduction of multimedia element. Holiday season is fast approaching and the Video message greeting card (DN-82650) that can record videos up to the length of 10 minutes (estimated according to the memory size of 128 MB) is perfect to send a special message to people who live far away. The videos that you want to share using this digital greeting card can be easily converted across all major formats like AVi, MP4, MPEG, WMV or 3GP with the bundled software.

At the receiving end when one opens the greeting card, video starts to play and as soon as one closes it the video also stops; with play time of two hours as the video loops and plays over and over again. The greeting card measures 180x131x11mm, weighs just 95 g and the 2.4 inch TFT LCD color screen outputs video at the resolution of 320×240 with aspect ratio or 4:3.  Video message greeting card is tagged with price 1999 Yen ($24) and worth the price for your loved ones.



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