Limited Edition Thrustmaster LightBack Ferrari F1 Edition Xbox 360 gaming controller

A Ferrari Musetto F1 (front nose section) inspired controller to enjoy your racing games in a whole new way is here as Thrustmaster has introduced its all new Ferrari Gamepad for Xbox, the GPX LightBack Ferrari F1 Edition. With enhanced precision for immersive gaming, the controller has built-in Light Feedback, Vibration Feedback and 2 speed gauges (with 8 built-in LEDs) to illuminate the controller lights in sync with game events. The player can have a good idea about the various parameters like engine speed or the braking during extreme racing to improve in-game performance. Having the signature of world champion Ferrari’s Formula-1 driver Fernando Alonso, this controller is really exclusive.

Ferrari Press Release:

Thrustmaster is introducing its latest exclusive controller under official Ferrari license, designed to offer extreme precision, with built-in Light Feedback and Vibration Feedback and speed gauges. This new release features an official Xbox 360® license, and is honed to take pole in every race.

An unrivalled, truly innovative design:

The GPX LightBack Ferrari F1 Edition hardly goes unnoticed. Boasting a new design and looks inspired by the Musetto (i.e. the nose) of the Ferrari F1, it also proudly bears the signature of Scuderia elite driver and Formula 1 world champion Fernando Alonso!

The GPX LightBack Ferrari F1 Edition’s unrivalled looks become even more remarkable during gameplay, thanks to 2 exclusive features: Light Feedback and speed gauges. Light Feedback enhances the gamepad’s ministicks with interactive backlighting, which illuminates in sync with in-game events. The 2 speed gauges feature 8 built-in LEDs, which offer improved visibility and control over throttle and brakes.
The Light Feedback and speed gauges can be activated or deactivated by means of 2 ON/OFF switches.

These specific features enable the player to visualize the game’s essential parameters – such as engine speed or braking power – during races and improve their performance using increasingly precise indicators. The GPX LightBack Ferrari F1 Edition also packs a punch under the hood, with a Vibration Feedback feature controlled by 2 high-frequency vibration motors built into the device’s grips. These will enable Xbox 360® owners, current users of Windows ®7 and Vista and future users of Windows®8 to truly unleash the power of their engines.

Optimized precision for ultimate performance:

In addition to its performance enhancement features, the GPX LightBack Ferrari F1 Edition offers unrivalled gaming precision. Thanks to a new firmware, its ministicks indeed offer optimized precision – twice as much, in fact, as any other currently available controller. The ministicks also feature a textured non-slip rubber skin, ensuring optimum grip and comfort.

The 2 progressive triggers, long and curved, are designed to offer optimum ergonomics, allowing enhanced adjustment and control over all actions. The cross-shaped D-pad is also designed to offer enhanced precision in all 8 directions. The controller’s equipment is rounded off by an Xbox Guide/Windows Live button featuring 4 LEDs and a built-in connector for a headset and microphone.



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