Boombot REX- World’s smallest 2.1 surround sound wireless ultraportable speaker

There is a profound affinity amongst geeks for things small that they can carry around with them at all times. Joining the band-wagon of ultra-small geeky stuff this 2.1 wireless speaker system can be connected easily to your smartphone, tablet, laptop or any other audio playable device with wireless connectivity. Boombot has featured this REX Ultraportable Speaker on Kickstarter and it is not surprising that it has achieved almost double the funding goal with more than a month to go. The high quality IP53 water-proof speakers deliver crystal clear thumping sound courtesy a high power dual drivers and bass woofer. The speaker can be easily charged via USB cable from your laptop or PC and the customizable front panel gives you the option to change color of the speaker according to your liking.


Apparently Boombot REX is the world’s smallest ever 2.1 sound system with a dynamic range that is stabilized across all frequencies in the audible spectrum. It has a clip on to the back side that allows you to hook it onto your clothes to make it function as a noise cancelling microphone for answering phone calls. The speaker also has Siri integration, so it all goes well for iPhone users.

# Application of Boombot REX



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