Revolve Bluetooth enabled skip rope monitors your skipping regime on smartphone

Skipping ropes is considered one of the best fitness regimes to keep in shape and have an athletic body. So this probably is high time give this age old workout starter a modern day gadget dominated update which would help you keep track of every skip jump you take and also monitor the vital body functions while doing so. A product called Revolve is up on Quirky which is a Bluetooth-enabled jump rope that monitors your skips, records the jump timing, number of jumps, revolutions per minute, heartbeats per minute and the calories burned in the process.

All this is done on your smartphone with a compatible app that tracks the information and encourages you to break the preset goals or choose from amongst the very stringent coached jumping courses. Revolve jumping rope has leather grip handles and the rawhide rope trims to desired length. The Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity has a range of 10 meters which is enough for any kind of user.



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