CataCombo Sound System Coffin gives you afterlife immersed in HiFi surround sound

We surely don’t know if there is life after death but those who sternly believe that after death too they need to have the luxuries of life, want to make sure they lay in piece surrounded in immersive sound. Yes, this is true as Swedish based company; Pause has come up with the most amazing coffin sound system called the Catacombo sound system (CataCoffin) which has a 2.1 speaker system, tweeters with external cooling and an 8-inch subwoofer too for playing low frequency sounds. The afterlife belief doesn’t stop at this sound system as a CataTombstone is paired to it for manage playlists online via a 4G wireless connection and a server powered by 2.5 GHz Intel processor.

There is a 7-inch LCD that displays the current playlists and the tracks being played. The online CataPlay application allows you to manage playlists with connection to Spotify and you can store songs on a 4GB (1600 MHz HDD). The only question is who’s going to play all the music after death if all the after death claims eventually bites the dust? Well, it depends on your beliefs and what you think about life after death. Interestingly if you do believe in it, then Knocking on Heavens doors stomping your feet to the music is going to be an interesting option. So go on and amaze the gods too with your afterlife geekdom at the price of €23,500 (US$31)!

Via: Gizmag



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