Hand-crank powered Home Kite that you can fly indoors

Flying kites high in the deep blue skies has always been our childhood time pass and an activity that relieves us of all worries. But in modern times we don’t get much time from our busy schedule to fly kites and would rather spend time playing games on PS3 or Xbox 360. For geeks who want to fly kite in their home here is the Home Kite which is charged by a hand-cranked generator and flies for a maximum duration of one minute after a single hand-cranked charge. The kite is connected to the controller with a kite string and the power generated by the hand-crank keeps it in the air as the propeller turns, as long as you keep on turning the handle of the crank.

Home Kite weighs only 121 g and measures 340x50x180mm with the length of the string about 600mm giving you the liberty to fly this thing in a diameter of 1.5 m. you can choose your kite color from amongst blue dragon, Nick transfected orange, flame red or military green. Home kite will be available for purchase at the price of 2940 Yen ($35) from February 28,2013 onwards.

Via: TakaraTomy



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