Blip is the World’s first WiFi blood pressure monitor for making things easier

Blood pressure is one the most common problem affecting people from all age groups world-wide, attracting other major diseases as well. So it is imperative that you keep a regular check on the blood pressure levels to avoid or even cure problems like hypertension. Blip is World’s first FDA approved Wi-Fi Blood Pressure monitor that lets you monitor BP readings of loved ones even if you are not present there physically. One can take analytical reports for discussion with doctor so that requisite steps can be taken to change the current medication.

Reminders can be set online and the device will remind the user to take a reading. Unlike the Bluetooth versions of BP monitoring machines that require you to upload the readings to a smartphone, Blip automatically syncs the reading over a WiFi network and two users can track their blood pressure levels at one instance. Currently the project is up on Indegogo for funding and so far things are looking good for Blip’s chances to make it to the production lines.



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