DIY Boot Dryer made from CPU fans will never let you catch frost bite

Winters are facing us all head on and keeping our clothing dry can be a big hassle but an even worse problem can be keeping your shoes dry in case you got them wet in the freezing cold. To get over this problem either you can hope that the sun comes out and dries them out in a day or two or you can keep them near the fire place in hope that moisture will dry out. I would rather go for a more adventurous option of making Boot Dryer for myself and get rid of moisture in no time. You can make one according to the length of your boots/shoes, so read on to learn more how it’s done.

This simple DIY activity requires no fancy electronic hardware; rather a simple fan that you can salvage out of your old PC, cooling pad or buy it from any electronic store. In addition to that you’ll require water plastic pipes with rubber seals to make the canal for air flow to the inside of the boots. To power up the Boot Dryer you’ll need 12 volts adapter and connect it to the fans. Frankly speaking this is one DIY project that is easy to make, solves the purpose of drying boots without any hassle and moreover is dirt cheap too.



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