Sony reveals Limited Edition PS3 lunch box for gaming with feeding frenzy

After you are finished with your stint of gaming frenzy on your PlayStation 3 the next drill would be to eat and then get back to the gaming routine. So you open up your PlayStation 3 and start eating the delicacies that your mom prepared for her hard-working gamer! Yes, you open up the Ultimate Theme Lunch Box by Sony Computer Entertainment created to celebrate the long run of support for games like Final Fantasy and Metal Gear. The proportions and size of this limited edition PS3 lunch box is exactly the same as you PS3 gaming console and opens up from the top to reveal two stackable boxes. The weight of the PS3 lunch box is also exactly same as the real gaming console.

Made from hand-crafted woodworking and laser machining to achieve that ultimate lacquered finish, it fools one into thinking as if it was the real PS3 console. The inner part of the lunch box is finished using the blow lacquer technique giving it a shining look. While for the top portion coating consistency technique is used and the PS logo is embedded using silver foil. The final version will be released on 18th December 2012 and the pricing will be clear at point in time, as of now you have a happy meal with loads of gaming this weekend.

Via: PlayStation



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