Mojo Speaker-World’s thinnest Bluetooth speaker that delivers quality audio

We could very well be on our way to seeing the world’s thinnest Bluetooth speaker that goes by the name Mojo Speaker. Up for funding on Kickstarter project and created by CoverPlay Audio the Mojo Speaker is only 7mm thick and has a very flat form factor so that you can easily carry it around with you in a bag or briefcase. The wireless Bluetooth connectivity makes sure that you can pair it up with mobile devices like smartphones, tablet, MP3 players and computers. With 10 hours battery life and a rechargeable lithium ion battery Mojo Speaker is ideal for outdoors and camping activities. The sound is also thumping with a maximum of 100 decibels, enough to rock the party.

At this point in time the Mojo Speaker project has achieved half of its funding goal and looks good to make it through to the production stage. For those who’ll pledge a certain amount on Kickstarter for this project, they’ll get a load of goodies and the speaker itself at much lower price. The price after production however will go a tad higher as it comes out in the market, so your better contribute certain amount if you want to have this speaker.

Via: Kickstarter



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