Safemate safety device lets you call, gives out coordinates via built-in GPS

With growing concern for safety, given the increasing atrocities against women and elders, a safety device that alerts security authorities is really needed. Devised with the same intention and aptly named as Safemate – a Norwegian company has created a security alarm that keeps track of your location via a built-in GPS tracker. The rechargeable Safemate in case of emergency, on press of a button, allows for two-way voice communication over mobile network and sends out GPS coordinates to make it easier for the ones on the other side of the call to locate you at the earliest.

The portable Safemate comes equipped with geographic alert and temperature sensors, it warns you with an alarm when you are out of the GPS and mobile network range. The Safemate can be used by elders and women when they’re travelling home late (and otherwise) or by hikers and skiers when they’re out in the mountains. Recharged using micro-USB charging connector for now, the company is presently working on a desktop charger with integrated battery, to make sure you aren’t out of vigil even in places where there is no electricity. Hit the jump to see the video if you understand Norwegian.

Via: ProductPage



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