Motion-sensing TransluSense Cleartouch Keyboard and Trackpad with custom skins

Taking a step aside from the league of orthodox keyboards, TransluSense has designed a very modern, clean and light-driven keyboard and touchpad in Luminae TransluSense Cleartouch. The state-of-art Keyboard and touchpad come in a cool customizable design, which allows custom skins to be used on the cantilevered glass surface of the TransluSense Cleartouch Keyboard+ and Trackpad+. In the core of the Cleartouch device lies motion sensing technology which sense the movement of fingers on the sleek glass surface and interpret them as input for both touchpad and keyboard. This is achieved through a combination of built-in camera and infrared LEDs in the keyboard – which captures and reads type and swipe of your finger motion as input.

Featuring sleek clean surface, the Cleartouch Keyboard and Trackpad with embedded LEDs to produce 16 million colors and brightness options, eliminates the regular keys that fade with time or act as dirt magnets, with custom keyboard and touchpad skins that create custom layouts to be applied on the Cleartouch device. The seamless surface can be easily wiped clean and when the custom keyboard coating fades to damages, you can simply discard it and replace it with a new one – and have an all new keyboard and touchpad every time.

Priced at $499, the TransluSense Cleartouch Keyboard and Trackpad is packed with rechargeable lithium-ion battery for long-term usage and features Bluetooth to let you control the computing device and other electronic devices wirelessly.

Via: ProductPage



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