Family builds 10ft Lego Wenlock Christmas model from 150,000 bricks

Everything that comes along with happiness in Christmas celebration has a different meaning for all, whatever be it for you and me, for a Cambridgeshire couple it means giving the Olympic mascot Wenlock an innovative Christmas look. Crafted out of 150,000 Lego bricks by Michael Addis, 54, and Catherine Weightman, 49, the Lego Wenlock stands 10ft (3m) high. Built in about 70 hours over a period of two months, the incredible model is decked out in complete Santa costume for Christmas feel.

The massive Wenlock Christmas model stands in the couple’s living room in Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire. The couple and their three kids Tom, 20, Holly, 17 and Christopher, 14, have been creating huge Lego Christmas models for the last two decades now, but this one is the tallest in their long list of creations ever.

Via: Metro



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