Wear your cocktail with the stylish Flask Bangle Bracelet

No matter how slim a flask gets, carrying a flask filled with your favorite drink isn’t really hip for women – men still manage to hide them in their big pockets. But this doesn’t mean women cannot carry their cocktails around. Designer Cynthia Rowley thought women deserve their share of the cocktail no matter where they are or what they wear and so Cynthia has designed this stylish Flask Bangle Bracelet. The bracelet looks and feels bulky – but bulky is in isn’t it, so you shouldn’t have problem carrying your favorite cocktail in the most disguised manner.

The flask bangle bracelet comes in a lovely chrome silver shade and is priced at $225 each. Surprisingly the flask bracelet is out of stock now, but you can pre-order one now to receive delivery in late January. Are you ready to become the most talked lady in the party!

Via: That’snerdalicious/Bitrebels



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