Portable alcohol detector for iPhone knows when you are high

Owning an iPhone is almost a blessing and it can now be a greater advantage as the iPhone will also act as your personal alcohol level detector with a portable Alcohol Detector. We end up drinking excessively in parties and then driving our way home – risking lives! With the Alcohol Checker you can know when you have passed the allowed level of alcohol. Simply connect the Alcohol Checker to the dock connector of the iPhone or iPad and breath into it, the device will display the reading of your blood alcohol on its LCD display. The Alcohol Checker is ultra light and compact, 13mm thick and 15g device which even fits inside your wallet and can thus be carried anywhere, anytime. Best part, it requires no battery.

Drink and driving is an offence as big as it can get. Law discourages us from driving over a stipulated level of blood alcohol (different countries have different parameters). Driving with a blood alcohol level of more than the permissible level can make you subject to heavy fine and imprisonment. The portable Alcohol checker and your iPhone could really save you on more occasions then one, so take home one in black or white color for 1,280 yen (approx. $15)

Via: JTT



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