Nintendo NES controller mouse is dream come true

Champx is not new to designing modern gadgetry out of old school Nintendo NES controller. We’ve previously seen the lovely NES gamepad iPhone 4 case from the English modder and now he’s created a splendid computer mouse out of NES controller. NES mouse isn’t the first of its kind, we’ve seen a NES computer mouse form MrPumpernickel, but this one from Champx, a third iteration of the former, is worth taking a look at. Champx for the NES computer mouse has replaced the classic mouse buttons with the red buttons of the game controller and has replaced the mouse wheel with the iconic D-pad of the controller. The D-pad is positioned on the left side of the NES mouse and can be used to control the cursor.

Many of us would have good old NES game controllers lying uselessly in the junk, NES computer mouse could be a great way to put it in use. In case Champx has fascinated you with his creation then you can head to Champx’s instructables page for detailed step-by-step guide to creating a NES mouse of your own.

Via: Instructables/Gadgetsin



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