Patagonia develops Portable Self-Inflation vest, get on the big waves

For all who like hitting the big-waves with inflatable vests comes a revolutionary Portable Self-Inflation vest, which is poised to take big-wave surfing and the purpose of life jackets into new realms. Developed and tested by Patagonia in collaboration with to Patagonia’s ambassador and big-wave surfer Kohl Christenson, the PSI or the Portable Self-Inflation vest is a result of 18 odd months of rigorous experiments and tests. The PSI vest is very neatly designed with three key attributes: to fit beneath a host of wetsuits, support four inflations and features an air release valve to keep the wearer swim while inflated and sink into the water when deflated.

PSI vest is thus a life saving jacket which is mandatory for guys going out in the big-waves. The vest provide four different inflation levels and also the air release valve that lets the user deflate the vest in case they need to go underwater to avoid a oncoming wave. Presented to big-wave surfers at the Big Wave Risk Assessment Summit in Hawaii the PSI vest is only a prototype in the testing phase for now, but it could be a great life saver for injured, unconscious and pro surfers when it becomes a commercial product.

Portable Self-Inflation Vest from Patagonia on Vimeo.

Via: Patagonia



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