Make your own portable 3D printed Raspberry Pi-to-Go computer

The $35 Raspberry Pi gives modders and DIY-ers a whole lot of possibilities to create awesome things. We here at DG have really loved and appreciated the Raspberry Pi micro arcade machine and now a DIYer Nathan Morgan has blown our minds with the new Pi-to-Go tiny computer that he can carry just anywhere. Made out in an open source, 3D printed case made up of 5 sections, the Portable Raspberry Pi-to-Go computer has a 64GB SATA II SSD, 4GB SD card and rechargeable battery with 10 hours of backup stuffed inside. The only put down about the awesome Pi-to-Go by Nathan is its very small screen and poor resolution – the 3D printed computer casing features a 3.5-inch 4:3 LCD display with 640 x 480 pixel resolution.

Nonetheless, Nathan has taken great care to make it an extraordinary device. He has the Pi-to-Go designed with a small USB keyboard with built-in touchpad mouse attached to the screen, much like a laptop. The device has build-in WiFi and Bluetooth and uses a 6cell 48WH Dell Latitude D600 laptop battery with standard 9 pin connector. Nathan bought a laptop charger and has connected it directly with the battery’s 9 pin connector for charging the Pi-to-Go. The mobile Raspberry Pi computer is made at a cost of $390 (excluding 3D printing).

In case you are fascinated and want to try making your own Pi-to-Go with better display and res, you can head to, where Nathan has published the instructions on how to build the Pi-to-Go computer. Nathan has also provided links to purchase parts needed to build the tiny computer. The 3D files can be downloaded from Thingiverse.

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