Jet-powered Honda Magna up for grabs at $23,000

Remember the red hot jet-powered 1967 Ford Mustang we acquainted you with a while back, well if cars are not your taste, then here we bring to you a Boeing T50 gas turbine engine powered Honda Magna. The turbine has been converted into pure turbojet capable of delivering 250 plus pounds of thrust, which is channeled around the tire via twin tubes and customized nozzle for exhaust. Made to each speeds in excess of 145kmph, the customized bike features fuel and oil filters and has fuel capacity of 4.5 gallons, which on full throttle will last only 15 minutes. The motorcycle has been fitted with auxiliary start kart to get rid of heavy batteries.

The custom built 1984 Honda Magna is up for sale on eBay at $23,000. It features two small onboard batteries and is propelled by thrust alone i.e. it has no mechanical drive train. If you’ve fallen for the bike, then contact the seller for an appointment, have the cash ready, no rides on the customized jet powered bike are possible without a down payment.



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