Evolution MkII all-in-one rainwater harvester saves ample energy

Given the shortage of clean water that the word is heading towards, rainwater harvesting has become a need of the hour. To make the process of rain water more economical, sustainable and more compact, Tankworks has launched the Evolution MkII. Developed in collaboration with Davey Water Products, the uniquely designed Evolution MkII combines pump, filtration and control mechanisms into a single package. Representing the latest revolution in rainwater harvesting technology the Evolution MkII cleverly saves space at the home, and makes it easily installable.

The assembling of powerful Davey sump pump and a Davey RainBank inside the Tankworks steel water tank makes the installation really effective, the mechanism invisible and noise is minimized. Besides harvesting rainwater the Evolution MkII built-in with a primary strainer and secondary micro-filter guarantees clean water. Being installed in a single package, the Evolution MkII requires only two plumbing connections and one power outlet.

The Evolution MkII is really sustainable and consumes only half the energy required by other systems, and is very intelligently devised to automatically supply rainwater when needed and to seamlessly switch back to the main supply when the tank goes empty.

Via: GoodDesignAustralia



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