CES 2013: CTX Virtual Technologies to reveal its minicomputer with virtual keyboard and mouse

Looking to provide its consumers with heightened sense of interactivity and new age gadgets as well as accessories CTX Virtual Technologies will showcase its line up of high end electronics for modern day geeks at CES 2013. Operating under two different subsidiaries; Celluon Technology Holdings Ltd. (Canadian corporation engaged in design and manufacturing of virtual 3D electronic projection) and Kaibida International Limited ( PDA, smartphone and telecommunication devices manufacturing company) CTX is now looking to offer embedded projection keyboard, hand held mobile phone and other virtual input device.

# CTX Technologies MISEETX

Deemed as the world’s first fully integrated minicomputer running on Z650 1.2 GHz CPU with GMA600, MISEETX has all virtual input and output components fitted inside a small form factor running on Android or Windows 7 OS platforms. Keeping the form factor compact the output components such as the mouse and keyboard are also virtual making it a computer that has everything you need right from exploring multimedia content to getting your presentations done in the most professional manner. Displaying images in high definition of up to 1280X800 at 1080i on a 4.3 inch LCD touch screen, this Wi-Fi enabled computer is ideal for people who travel a lot.

# Embedded Smartphone and tablet solutions

Honed by the first-ever innovative semi-conductor chip designed specifically to project a fully functional virtual keyboard/mouse for use with smartphones or tablet, this one will eliminate the need to carry around smartphone accessories like keyboards.


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