CES 2013: Smartmobile accessories by TYLT and Tagstand will steal the show

You as a consumer of electronic goods always crave for products that solve more than one purpose, and that is exactly what the partnership of TYLT (leader in smart mobile accessories) and Tagstand is aiming to achieve. With a futuristic view of how modern day gadgets should be and their accessories so that the end-user has an exhilarating experience the duo has come up with a line of products to be revealed at CES 2013.

# Powerplant portable battery pack

Having a high capacity battery under the hood this portable battery charger makes sure that you never ever run out of juice for your long list of gadgets that you might be taking out on an adventure trip or any other situation when portable charging is needed. It will easily charge your smartphone, tablet or Bluetooth device in tandem with enough battery charge still left to charge your gadgets one more time.

# Y-Charge dual USB car charger

Compatible with any USB chargeable device this sleek design charger comes with a dual charging option so that one can juice up their gadget’s battery on the go.



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