CES 2013: Limited Edition Tobii REX gaze interaction eye gesture control peripheral for your computer

World’s first ever gaze interaction computer peripheral by Tobii is going to be revealed at the CES 2013 next week. Taking gesture control and eye tracking technology to the next level for computer users, this peripheral is loaded with Tobii Gaze, an award-winning eye-tracking based interface which allows one to operate the computer with the combination of specific gaze and other controls like touch, mouse or keyboard. Initially Tobii will be making 5,000 limited edition Tobii REX peripherals which will be available by fall 2013 to the end consumer.

We can expect to see some of the cool functions of Tobii Gaze for example Gaze Select, Gaze Scroll, Gaze Zoom or Gaze Navigate. The only worry that I have with this kind of interface is that it is going to put your eye muscles into overdrive which can add to the already predominant eye muscle fatigue accustomed to seeing the screen constantly while working. That however is just a point of view and until we see the technology in full bloom at CES 2013, LVCC South Hall 4, Booth No. 35266 January 8-11, we won’t derive any conclusions.



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