CES 2013: Mezmeriz pico projector for mobile devices delivers high definition projected display

Looking to enhance the mobile phone experience beyond just the high definition display that is in-built, Mezmeriz has developed a Micro-electromechanical Systems (MEMS) platform. This new technological innovation is based around integration of carbon fibers with the MEMS materials which allow one to design MEMS devices that enable application-specific optimized properties. One of its applications is the pico projector module that one installed within the mobile phone’s circuitry can project high definition display on any surface less than 6 inch away so that you can have a laptop like viewing experience.

All this is possible due to the scanning micro-mirror module capable of 45 degrees (in either direction) mechanical excursions at tens of KHz scan speeds making this technology ideal for pico projection engines for displaying crisp, bright, high-resolution images.



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