CES 2013: Rugged Rukus and Rukus XL solar-powered Bluetooth speakers from Eton

Consumer Electronic Show 2013 promises to see a lot of Bluetooth portable speakers. We saw a couple from NYNE NB-500 and NB-550 Bluetooth speakers yesterday, and today it’s the solar-powered Bluetooth portable speakers from Eton making the rounds. The Eton’s range of solar-powered Bluetooth portable speakers include the Rugged Rukus and Rukus XL, which are designed for endless music at home or anywhere where there’s sun.

Rugged Rukus

The $99 Rugged Rukus solar-powered Bluetooth speaker connects wirelessly to any Bluetooth compatible smartphone, computer or tablet. The durable and lightweight speaker blasts your favorite tunes from the device in stereo sound that’ll mesmerize all. The tracks and controls of the speaker can be managed by the Bluetooth device itself. The Rugged Rukus Bluetooth speaker has incredible solar panel which claims to deliver continuous day and night playback with five hours of sunlight. Besides the rechargeable solar powered battery, the Rugged Rukus can be charged using the internal lithium battery with USB charging.

Rukus XL

If you want to blast your barbeque party or blow some tunes on a picnic, the $200 Rukus XL solar-powered Bluetooth speaker is just the perfect device. Little larger in size than the Rugged Rukus, the Rukus XL too connects wirelessly to any Bluetooth enable device, streaming all your favorite music it has stored. Featuring full-range speaker drivers, two tweeters and a pair of woofers, the Rukus XL blasts a handsome 22 Watts of stereo sound. The solar powered speaker can play all day and night with five hours of continuous solar power, or can backup with USB charged built-in lithium battery for 8 hours on the trot.

Via: Eton



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