CES 2013: Six companies to showcase new Smart TVs with Roku Streaming Stick

As the need and demand for streaming entertainment continues to mount, TV makers in particular, and other consumer tech manufacturers in general, have made it a point to venture into the scene. Instead to creating their own platforms, TV manufacturers like the Coby, Hisense, TCL, Voxx, Harman Kardon and Westinghouse Digital have partnered with Roku Ready to use the Roku Streaming Stick to provide customer with an unmatched integrated streaming experience. These brands are expected to announce their new Smart TVs and devices with Roku at the CES 2013 in Los Vegas beginning tomorrow, January 8.

Most of the TVs, owing to the ever evolving technology become obsolete in software and hardware over time. To keeps things simple and flexible, Smart TV manufactures are using the highly successful Roku Streaming Stick for their streaming services. The Roku Streaming Stick is a wireless USB flash drive sized device which can be plugged into the MHL (mobile-high definition link) of the Smart TV etc. The Stick features built-in Wi-Fi, a processor, memory and software to offer Roku streaming experience.

Consumer electronics and TV manufacturers are using the Roku Streaming Stick as it helps them evolve their services easily and with little financial and technical investment. Using the Roku Streaming Stick to create their new Smart TVs, projectors, Blu-ray players etc., manufacturers permit their customers to stream the all-compelling entertainment easily.

Via: BusinessWire



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