Chairmaster all-in-one fitness regime chair keeps you in great shape

For all you lazy bones out there who never want to get off their cozy chair and still want to have a fit body will have rise smiles on their faces. Chairmaster is an all-in-one fitness regime product designed by Cascade Health and Fitness, which doubles as low impact cycling with resistance training while you watch your favorite TV shows. With around 50 different exercise modules courtesy the four components including cardio, strength, flexibility and balance; Chairmaster gives you a complete fitness workout without even leaving your living room. Fit for all ages and genders the specified fitness regime of this workout product gets my vote amongst the huge list of fitness products hitting the market every day.

According to the manufacturer:

The ChairMaster can be very helpful for anyone recovering from an injury or having limited mobility. Recumbent cycling and seated exercises can improve cardio performance as well as increase flexibility and range of motion. Consult a doctor or physical therapist before beginning a ChairMaster exercise regimen to see which exercises are best.

For such laid back fitness regime that keeps you in great shape you’ll have to shell out $1095 and to learn more about the Chairmaster or to purchase it jump straight over to the product page.



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