CES 2013: Vivitek Introduces Qumi Q7 3D-ready LED Pico Projector

Vivitek has been a name reckoned in visual presentation products and pocket projectors are its forte. Increasing upon its line of pocket projectors, Vivitek has announced the Qumi Q7 at the International Consumer Electronics Show. Though, Qumi Q7 is part of the Qumi LED-based pico projectors, it isn’t as small as one that would fit inside the pocket. Fret not; living to the name, the Qumi Q7 is small enough to be carried around easily with your luggage.

Vivitek Qumi Q7 is a LED-based projector which weighs 3.1 pounds and provides 800 lumens of brightness. Besides the amazing brightness, the projector is 3D-ready, courtesy Texas Instruments’ embedded DLP Link technology, and is capable of 2D to 3D conversion for Blu-ray 3D viewing. The Qumi Q7 offers over 30,000 hours of operating time and is compatible with almost all digicams, tablets and smartphones.

Priced at $999, the Qumi Q7 provides 1280×800 pixel HD picture quality and has touch sensitive button for controls. The projector features HDMI ports, VGA-input and has a USB port. It comes with 4B of internal memory and comes built-in with Microsoft Office and Adobe Reader.



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