CES 2013: iPhone 5 Docking station + Cordless phone + audio system = ClearSounds i800 iCreations Phone

ClearSounds has revealed a new kind of docking station called i800 iCreations cordless phone at CES 2013 loaded with features and functionalities that solves multiple purposes. It is essentially a full blown iPhone charging station, speaker system and a cordless phone unit to make calls anytime when you want. Now the interesting feature of iCreations is the ability to switch calls between iPhone and cordless handset so that you can manage your communication costs with ease. The three way calling capability and integrated speaker makes sure you enjoy superior voice quality and music when you plug iPhone into the docking station.

Targeted specifically for style conscious consumers the i800 is designed with utmost care combining form and function that is unparalleled. ClearSounds i800 iCreations Phone is a pinnacle of Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications (DECT) and if you also want to have a sneak peak on it then check it out at CES 2013 booth space location 26433 or to buy it for $249.95 straight off the online product page click here.



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