CES 2013: Fujitsu ScanSnap iX500 scans directly from Android or iOS devices

Keeping abreast the latest trends in consumer behavior regarding document and image scanning, market leaders Fujitsu have introduced the next generation ScanSnap iX500 scanner which can scan directly from any Android or iOS compatible gadget. This product is the result of changing consumer behavior which has made a gradual shift from connectivity with desktop based system to the mobile devices. Along with the ultra-compatibility with mobile devices, ScanSnap iX500 has that traditional compliance with PC and Mac systems as well.

The scanner is equipped with GI image processor for faster scanning speeds, an advanced feeding system and the ability to connect to the cloud-based services like Evernote, Google Docs, Dropbox or SugarSync. One can scan documents in a jiffy just on the touch of a button which makes things easier for the end-user. You can catch a glimpse of the revolutionary scanner at CES 2013 at booth #25721.


Power to eliminate clutter far beyond any ScanSnap before it

Equipped with a dual-core CPU-mounted “GI” processor, the iX500 is the next generation of desktop scanning. It performs intelligent image functions dramatically faster for blazing new scanning speed. And with a Wi-Fi connection, you can scan directly to an iOS or Android mobile device, without even turning on the computer.
Scan directly to mobile devices

Quickly bypass the computer to scan an image enhanced PDF or JPEG file directly to an iOS or Android mobile device or tablet.

# Advanced paper feeding system

Inheriting the superior paper feeding technology of our professional-grade scanners, iX500 achieves exceptional feeding reliability using “Separation Roller” technology to minimize jams and multi-feeds.
More Scanning Options = More Quick Menu Productivity

The ScanSnap Quick Menu for PC and Mac automatically pops up after scanning to provide you a variety of ways to be immediately productive with your scans. And a new Favorites function will help you run at peak efficiency.

• Scan to Folder: Store PDF scans to a folder
• Scan to Email: Eliminate faxing and share electronic documents over email
• Scan Business Card: Scan business cards and automatically extract contact information
• Scan to Print: Use ScanSnap with your printer to create copies
• Scan to Word (.doc): Scan directly to an editable Word file
• Scan to Excel (.xls): Scan directly to an editable Excel file
• Scan to PowerPoint (.ppt): Scan directly to an editable PowerPoint file
• Scan to Picture Folder: Store JPEG scans to a folder.
• Scan to Mobile: link to Android or iOS
• Scan to Cloud: Scan to Evernote, GoogleDocs™, Salesforce CRM, Salesforce Chatter, SugarSync, Dropbox and
SharePoint Online (for Windows®).

# Intelligent Paper-Feed Detection

ScanSnap iX500 is equipped with an ultrasonic multi-feed detection sensor that can be turned on to help you avoid losing images. What’s more, an interactive interface allows users to quickly bypass intentional double-feeds such as a taped-receipt on an expense report or even a sticky note on an insurance claim.



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