CES 2013: Octa unviels TabletTail: Monkey Kit flexible mount for tablets

It’s here at the CES 2013 that Mobio announced the ergonomically designed iPad mounts and now making a route for itself in the market, Octa has launched the TabletTail: Monkey Kit at CES and on croudfunding site Kickstarter. Not only designed for the iPad, the Monkey kit is a powerful positioning system for handsfree tablet use. The Octa Monkey kit is flexible and sturdy, and can be easily adjusted to allow the tablet to be easily used in bed, car or elsewhere. Comprising of two components – the Vacuum Dock and MonkeyTail – the tablet mount easily connects to tablets and e-readers using high-powered vacuum suction.

The dual-chamber vacuum suction allows the TabletTail to attach to the tablet using five easy pumps, and the innovative vacuum seal that stays connected to your tablet for days. The Octa Monkey kit is compatible with all generations of the iPads, Android and Windows tablets and e-readers. TabletTail: Monkey Kit is retailing at $99.99.



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