CES 2013: iBaby devices monitor baby’s vital health statistics during pregnancy and after that too

Monitoring the vitals of your loved baby right through the pregnancy stage up till the time toddling stage arrives. As time is of the essence these days you need to have the requisite technology so that your cute little one can be monitored even when you are not around. Keeping this in mind iBaby Labs Inc. (leader in innovative baby products) has revealed its latest line of baby monitoring products called iBaby Monitor M2 and iBaby HeartSense at the ongoing CES 2013, Las Vegas. Designed specifically for easy usage the two products are fully compatible with iPhone or iPad for mobile monitoring.

# iBaby Monitor M2

With this device you can view, hear and get live feed on what your baby is up to when you leave him/her alone. All you have to do is download the compatible app for the iOS device and the portability aspect which allows you to carry it from room to room without plugging in the camera courtesy the rechargeable battery. Moreover the two-way audio feature makes it possible for the user to hear and speak to the baby.

# iBaby HeartSense

This device comes handy in the pregnancy stage where the user can listen to baby’s heartbeat through iPhone, iPad or iPod touch by placing the Fetal Doppler on mother’s stomach. You can also record baby’s heartbeat within the app’s interface and share them with friends and family.

Both these products will be soon available for you to purchase and iBaby Heartsense is seeking FDA approval and we can expect them to hit the shelves by the 2nd half of 2013. To check out the iBaby app head over to Apple iTunes store.



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