CES 2013: Futuristic FreeLiving Physiological activity monitoring products by Salutron Technologies

The evolving concept of Free Living consumer electronics for all health freaks is occupying a dominant place at CES 2013. Just yesterday we had talked about the wireless gluco monitor and oximeter, and today we’re here to give you a glimpse of the SmartHealth C-Series Physiological monitoring products by Salutron Technologies. In fact, these products are nothing, but watches that fashionably strap around your wrist and automatically monitor your physiological activities throughout the day.

The two different models of the physiological monitoring products include the C200 and the C400. Both of these work dually. On the one hand they allow enhanced calorie tracking by accurately measuring biometric heart rate, on the other hand they also keep a tab on your activities. The thing to note here is that only the C400 offers Bluetooth connectivity, and features a Connected Software Platform that enables connecting with various apps on your phone, laptops and iPads. Users can easily capture, hold, and transfer all recorded data, to any other device and track their activity history anytime.

Other common key features of the C200 and C400 monitoring devices includes calories tracking, step counting, distance tracking, independent workout mode, time keeping and the Patented S-Pulse heart rate monitor that works by simply pressing on to the stainless keys on the sides of the wristwatch.

They also feature the Ultra Low Power Monitoring system, which means the battery will last approximately one full year before requiring a replacement. No set up is required; these monitoring watches come with a bunch of colourful straps that can easily be changed every day. These power packed technology products are creating the future for better interaction between users and devices, while also giving them better control over the monitoring of various physiological activities.

Currently, the SmartHealth C200 is available in the market for purchase at a cool $59.99, whereas pre-orders for C400 have already begun and will be delivered by May, 2013.

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