CES 2013: CST-01 is World’s thinnest wristwatch

Watches are a prized possession for man from time immemorial. A watch that adds glamour to your personality along with a touch of technical advancement is always a welcome visitor in the life. Nevertheless, is it possible in real? Yes, I guess! The long-wait is over with the announcement from Central Standard Timing – a Chicago based company – regarding the world’s thinnest watch named CST-01. This novice product presents refreshing features and versatile design to the consumers.

The ultrathin watch (just 0.80mm thick) is draws an inspiration from E Ink’s electronic paper displays, readability, elasticity, and ultra-thinness apart from the regular timing features. It is amassed by laminating thin, flexible components into a 0.5 mm pocket stamped into a single piece of stainless steel and the best part is that all the watches are assembled in the US. The feature of this far-reaching innovation that would bring smiles to many faces is the embedded Thinergy Micro-Energy Cell (lifetime of 15 years) that lasts for a month and gets charged within a short span of 10 minutes.

Wearing a watch could not have been as comforting as in the case of CST-01 because features like weightlessness, comfort, and aesthetic beauty associated with this sleek interactive device are unrivaled. What more could a consumer ask for when unique design complements revolutionary features.

The world’s thinnest watch, which is currently on display at CES 2013, is looking for backers at Kickstarter and is expected to hit the shelves in second quarter of 2013 at $129. Therefore, be ready to grab the gorgeous possession before it is too late.

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