CES 2013: Huawei UltraStick E3331 is the world’s smallest data card

Every consumer these days asks for light-weight and portable gadgets be it your laptop, smartphone or MP3 player. To go with this latest trend Huawei (leader in information and communications technology) has revealed their data card called UltraStick E3331 at CES 2013. Deemed as the world’s smallest data card measuring only 7×67.5×25.5 mm which goes very well with slim design laptops these days. UltraStick gives a download speed of up to 21 Mbps in the PA+ network and capable of running on IPV6 network.

Honed by the proprietary Hi-link technology, UltraStick E3331 establishes network connection in mere 15 seconds.

According to Wang Yeh Biao, Director, Huawei Data Card Product Group

A key trend which can be seen across mobile devices, laptops and even digital cameras is for light and thin designs. Huawei is investing resources to develop advanced and innovative, yet light and thin, mobile broadband products. We are very happy to launch the UltraStick E3331 data card as we continue to make convenience and great technology available to more people.

Via: Huawei



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