CES 2013: Tactus shows a cool 7 inch tablet with a keyboard that rises up from touchscreen

OK, so all you guys love your touchscreen devices and still remain enthralled by its simple technology of touch and point what you want. But, apparently there’s also a breed of people, who miss the tactile touch of the buttons on laptops, and they way they wriggled their fingertips underneath a physical keyboard. CES 2013 showcased a solution for all such people- a Tactile Keyboard that magically appears on a touchscreen panel while typing and disappears, leaving a transparent surface when you’re done typing.

Yes, we’re talking about one of the coolest innovations presented at CES, the Tactus Tactile Keyboard. The crowds were left wowing at the show, when they saw a 7 inch tablet that was fully integrated with the Tactile Keyboard display. On opening the keyboard on the touchscreen, raised buttons automatically rose up from the screen surface. A display of amazing responsive technology for sure.

Of course, the top layer of the device’s glass or plastic screen is replaced with a lumpier surface from which the keys pop out. And, like most of you must have guessed by now, the toughness of the device is certainly affected by this technology, but, you must pay the price for what you’re getting.

At the CES event, the technology was only presented for tablets, but Tactus is eager to integrate it with all touch screen devices soon to capitalize on the yearning of people for the tactile experience.



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