Shoot 360 degree panorama still and videos with Bubblescope for iPhone 5

Shooting panoramic views has become one aspect of photography that gives a whole new perspective to a capture frame as it makes the viewer feel as if he/she is seeing the view through a lens or a window. Taking panoramic shots through your iPhone 5 can be done manually too but the chances of image getting distorted are high due to hand movement in either direction. If you as a photographer want to shoot panoramic views with pint-point accuracy then Bubblescope is the accessory to have. Capable of shooting 360 degree panorama shots in video or photo format, this accessory easily hooks onto your iPhone 5 and then in conjunction with BubblePix app you are all set to shoot some breath-taking panoramas. The swivel platform of Bubblescope provides the flexibility to pan the iPhone 5 in left or right direction.

Bubblescope will be up for grabs from 17th January for the price of £ 50($80) and you can pre-order right now, in the meanwhile you check out product information video.



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