Revolutionary Braun Satin-Hair 7 SensoCare hair straightener styles and protects perfectly

Getting picture perfect hair every time you step out can be a real struggle and to achieve so women try out different products and hair styling rituals that will make them look glamorous. Hair straightener is one accessory that virtually every women owns to make her hair look straight and healthy but it also has side effects on hair as it makes them rough. To combat the side effects of hair straighteners and daily styling products Braun has launched Satin-Hair 7 SensoCare hair styler as a part of its Hair Pride Movement. This revolutionary hair straightener has automatic temperature adaption technology that senses the moisture level of each hair strand 20 times a second, so that heat level can be altered to prevent hair damage.

On styling front too SensoCare is way ahead of other hair straighteners with nanoglide ceramic plates for 3 times smoother gliding and patented floating plates to distribute pressure evenly to avoid any long lasting damage to hair. For curling and wavy hair too the product is ideal as it mends the hair the way you want it to. SensoCare also provides feedback on your styling process for better styling results in far less strokes.

According to Frauke Neuser, principal scientist, Braun Hair Care:

Braun SensoCare is where science meets style. We’ve discovered that styling hair at temperatures over 200°C or when too wet could irreversibly damage it. With some stylers operating at fixed temperatures of up to 230°C, there’s a strong chance of serious damage if not used properly. Braun SensoCare is a real breakthrough for the hair care industry. It offers women world-wide a healthy solution to styling, that still delivers the results they want today, as well as protecting their hair for tomorrow.

# How to style with Braun Satin-Hair 7 SensoCare hair straightener



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