19-year-old builds jet-powered bicycle that does 26 miles per hour

A 19-year-old Romanian bicycle enthusiast tired of the slow riding bikes brought about a face changing invention to his mountain bike. Raul Oaida added a self-built jet engine to his bicycle and successfully road tested his invention behind his house in the city of Deva where onlookers pilled in to see the flame breathing bike. The jet engine-propelled bicycle by the Romanian teen is capable of hitting top speeds of 41kmph (approx. 26 miles per hour) on a straight road.

Oaida spent three year building the jet engine, a project which was founded through a combination of sponsorship and his pocket money. After successfully riding the bike on the flat road in Deva, Oaida showed off the amazing bike to his friends. Hit the jump to see the video.

Photo Credit: Radu Sigheti/Reuters Via: YahooNews



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