Solar powered BoostSolar portable charger for your gadgets

There isn’t a dearth of portable battery powered products for your gadgets but amongst all of them a solar powered backup battery pack for handheld devices surely stands out. Revealed a few days ago at the CES 2013 (Consumer Electronics Show), BoostSolar is a mobile power solution that provides battery backup to your devices by harnessing sun’s energy. Having a single solar panel featuring rechargeable5000+ mAh lithium ion battery, this portable battery charging kit is a reliable power source. You can charge it up via the sun’s energy in ten hours or through the Micro USB DC input in seven hours’ time.

One can charge multiple backup batteries too with BoostSolar so that you never end up with power deprived gadgets, be it on an adventure trip or during long grueling travels. BoostSolar can be easily attached to your backpack so that it can soak up the sun and don’t need to worry about it getting wet because it is made from IPX-4-rated splash-proof material. We can expect it to be out for sale by Q2 2013 at the price of $100 and for more information you can jump straight over to product page.



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