Vertical Axis Hydro Electric Verterra Turbine produces clean energy to light up homes

Those looking for clean renewable electric power sources will definitely like the idea of Vertical Axis Hydro Electric Verterra Turbine which converts low flow velocity water into 10kW of clean electricity. This concept by Ted Christopher is very useful for developing nations and rural communities deprived of access to conventional sources of electricity. The small form factor turbine completely hides from view once it is submerged into water sources like rivers, man-made canals, waterways, tidal areas and ocean currents. With one Verterra around 10kW of emission free electricity can be produced which by-the-way also prevents CO2 emissions.

The project is up for funding on Kickstarter platform and considering the immense potential of its practicality, it surely looks to make it through to the production lines.

According to Ted Christopher:

From the aqueducts of the Roman Empire, through water mills in the renaissance, to the modern day Hoover Dam, the abundance of flowing water as a renewable source of kinetic energy has always been unparalleled on our planet. The problem is finding a way to harness this power without the construction of a dam or other major infrastructure; as these tend to cost millions of dollars, take multiple years to complete, and cannot be installed in remote areas where people could greatly benefit from predictable, renewable electricity.



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