Angel Sunley sells amazing replica Iron Man suits, helmets he creates

Angel Sunley was just another ordinary blacksmith until he injured himself at work in 2007. Since, as he found himself ideal at home, Sunley began making replica helmet of the Iron Man suit. Least did he know his hobby of bringing his favourite characters to life could one day become a successful business for him. The scenario is such now that Sunley is selling giant replica Iron Man suits and Helmets to fans around the world for £1,550. It all started when the talented maker first uploaded a video of a helmet he created on the internet that he started receiving messages from all around requesting for one of the masks.

Receiving endless requests, Sunley has transformed his hobby into business and he with began selling fibreglass-made Iron Man helmets for £150. Now, his collection includes Iron Man suits and suits from Halo and 1980s icon RoboCop video games. On asked about his new profession Sunley said,

“It’s a dream job for me – I am a huge fan of the Marvel comics, computer games and films.”

Previously, Sunley was working out of his garage but considering the demand (stacks of orders he has received to keep busy in 2013) he has bought a workshop to construct his masterpieces. If all goes well, Angel plans to climb Mount Kilimanjaro in a full Iron Man suit for a cancer charity – if he does, we’ll let you know!




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