VERT jump measuring device helps athletes in training regime

As an athlete you don’t need to have special stationary equipment to determine the frequency of jumps while training, as a new project up on Indiegogo could soon make it to the production lines. VERT jump measurement device measures you every jump with precision and then transmits the data back to your smartphone or tablet which accurately tells about the jump measurements on VERT device too. To see the data on your smartphone or tablet you’ll have to download a compatible app called VERT SKILZ or VERT coach. Anyone can wear VERT device and it will give real time feed on your jumps and any vertical movement.

VERT coach app has been designed specifically to relay back information on athlete’s performance while jumping and then taking requisite measures to improve performance. VERT can also provide multi-player data including the amount of jumps, average jumps, time in game etc. to be analyzed in various formats like game graphics, season analysis and other criterion’s.

VERT device will be available with various attachments like clips or active waist bands. Supported devices with VERT include iOS 4.0 or later and Android 4.0 or later.

VERT is a wearable miniature inertial measurement unit (IMU), with a very high precision 3X gyroscope and high precision high rate 3X accelerometer. VERT unit calculates motion in all direction using a built-in ARM Cortex M3. The VERT unit has a proprietary algorithm that has over 53 simultaneous calculations to measure vertical height to within 96% accuracy. VERT is smaller than a matchbox and can be worn or mounted virtually anywhere. VERT has a built-in OLED display for instant display. VERT also has built-in Bluetooth 4.0, which communicates with proprietary VERT SKILZ app in iOS and Android device. VERT SKILZ app syncs with VERT and displays results in real-time.



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