South Korean researchers develop bendable lithium-ion battery

We’ve seen a few flexible displays, and now it seems flexible phones and tablets could be on their way soon. Thanks to first-of-its-kind imprintable and bendable lithium-ion battery developed by a team of researchers led by Professor Lee Sang-young at South Korea’s Ulsan National Institute of Technology. The new battery uses nanomaterials which when applied to any surface can transform it into fluid-like polymer electrolytes. The best part about the newly developed battery is that besides being imprintable and bendable, the battery is also more stable than the conventional li-ion batteries.

The major difference between the newly developed battery and the standard lithium-ion batteries is that unlike the standard ones that use liquefied electrolytes (which makes them highly prone to explosion) these are made of nanomaterials, which makes the battery bendable, safe and more stable.

Via: UberGizmo/Laptopmag



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