Gura-pika LED Flashlight turns on automatically in an earthquake

Japan is still reviving from the great earthquake that shook the nation on 11 March 2011. And there are predictions already by Ryukyu University of an erupting Mt. Fuji by 2015. Nothing can be more daunting for the Japanese to live in the earthquake prone area. Only way to give themselves a chance to survive the shaking earth is by preparing for the catastrophe in advance. Tokyo’s Force Media wants the Japanese to be ready all the time – a reason the group has developed an ingenious safety device in Gura-pika LED flashlight. On the first look the Gura-pika is just like any ordinary flashlight, but in reality it is a hand crank-powered flashlight and radio combo, which turns on automatically in an earthquake.

The amazing thing about the flashlight with built-in radio is that the equipped tuner is constantly in operation (even if the radio and the flashlight is switched off), and as the Earthquake Warning Alarm is sounded in Japan, the flashlight automatically turns itself on and sounds an alarm. Gura-pika LED Flashlight means you’ll never be in the dark in case of a calamity.

The Gura-pika flashlight features a USB port, which can be used to power other devices including smartphone. The flashlight itself can be charged via the regular wall socket and also has a hand crank power option. On full-charge, the LED flashlight glows bright up to14 hours and the radio can work for about six hours. Hit the jump for a video in Japanese.

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