Logitech security card to automatically unlock PC sans any password input

In this tech savvy world your laptop or netbook is probably the most prized possession and in all probability you have important data in it that is confidential. Windows and Mac have stringent security mechanisms to avoid anyone peeking inside your virtual world with password recognition and biometrics like finger scan making sure there is no unwanted access into your system. Joining the bandwagon of security accessories that make your life easier is the new Logitech LBT-PCSCU01 series Bluetooth 4.0 compliant security card that can be used to lock and unlock your PC automatically. The idea is simple, when you are in vicinity while working on your system the system is unlocked and as soon as you move away the PC is locked. This in a way eliminates the need to enter password every time you come back to your system and want to unlock it.

Around 11 grams and measuring 84x50x3.2 mm, the accessory itself can be worn around your neck or put inside the pocket and thereafter you don’t have to worry about imputing password anymore, everything will be automated. The accessory itself comes in two models; LBT-PCSCU01DWH (comes with USB adapter for PC’s not having Bluetooth 4.0) and LBT-PCSCU01W which is the standard version. It is Priced at $33-$44 depending on the model you choose and supports all Windows operating systems including Windows 8 which is mostly based on touch-input. The launch is expected anytime soon so we’ll keep you updated from where to buy this security card online.

Via: Logitech



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