gForce tracker inside the helmet tracks athlete’s lifetime of g-force impacts

Developing concussions is the most serious threat that football player confront on the field each time they experience an impact on the head (it’s a case in many other sports too). Now with an objective to help parents, coaches and doctors determine the magnitude and severity of an impact to a player’s head a former athlete duo of Gerry Iuliano and Paul Walker have designed and developed the gForce tracker (GFT). The GFT is a fully programmable detection device which is worn on the inside of the helmet and is used to measures impacts from three distinct planes to give out accurate information on the g-forces that athletes take on each impact.

This one-of-its-kind g-force measuring device can accumulate a lifetime of impacts the athlete takes on his head. It measures the severity and the number of impacts and also has LED light which flashes with an alarm (unstoppable by the player) once the g-force exceeds an acceptable threshold – an impact could be potentially dangerous to the wearer.

The GFT software is highly high-tech – it saves lifetime information of the athlete’s impact data on cloud, which can be retrieved by the athlete, his/her parents or the coach at any time. The data can also be used by the doctors in case of emergency to see in real-time the impact that has caused the athlete a serious injury or to verify any previous impacts.

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